“Every Morning I Pass the Same Tree” by Jason Bates

“Every Morning I Pass the Same Tree” by Jason Bates

Every Morning I Pass the Same Tree

It stands alone,
from a thick grove of brethren
just ahead.
And every morning
I think that I should write a poem about it.

This is that poem.

He trudges behind the column
of other young men
south to war.
Reluctant and tired;
rifle slung over his shoulder
like school books he failed to read.

This is not that poem.

The sun is setting beyond the platoon.
They are jubilant in victory
and adrenaline spikes;
the hero leading them home.
He is heavy with lost friends
and the extra weight
of their letters in his pocket.

Jason Bates will interject movie quotes into conversations even when the person on the other end has never seen the movie being quoted. His friends would call him odd; his enemies, something much much worse. His poetry has been rejected by some of the most prestigious literary journals in the world. He is also the founder of PunksWritePoemsPress LLC. www.punkswritepoems.com

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