“Fragment For a Girl (In Obsidian)” by Stanley Gemmell

“Fragment For a Girl (In Obsidian)” by Stanley Gemmell

Fragment For a Girl (In Obsidian)

Sloping liquid lyric, your hair, a side-falling phalanx

Pointed at the other side of the earth, pointed at

Impossible meaning, words which sing gold, meeting glory.

No explanation – your look of glittering snows atop

The jagged peak, where whip ice filled winds

Searching for compassion. Oh, tiny & blue bird in the cave,

Caught miles high inside the heart of you mountain;

Oh tiny songs chained together. Oh, brisk sands of ice!

Oh words whispered within you mantra, your name,

Full of angled mirrors, full of green shades.

Next to your soft skin, your gentle sweep of hair,

‘Loft, bourne by thought and magnetic storms,

Where people of the Earth lie dormant,

Their souls, low, moving clouds. Pregnant

With cries, seeking the ocean… Filled with sighs,

Full of flowers. Fast blooming things, teeming with life.

Oh pink rose rising, the blush of your cheeks, the sweet

Song of grace, geometries of yearning; wildest medicine,

A thousand years of mist, held inside blue vials,

The science of your eyes, streaming king’s river

Who touches your skin to heal all things.

Sweetest girl, shards of bliss, frozen and perfect,

Now to thaw… nearing pools of lava. Wildest ocean,

Heaving, uncertain and full of rage. Laughter of jaguars,

Obscured skies of shining obsidian… Stained in starlight and dew…

Stanley Gemmell is a 1972, Puerto Rico born poet who currently resides and studies at South Kingston’s University of Rhode Island.  Lyric context in postmodernism, visual rhythm and concrete sound inform his poetry.  He has been published previously in The Alembic, Spectral Realms and Disquieting Muses. You can find more of his work at http://stanleygemmell.tumblr.com. 

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