“GREEN GOLD” by Hadas Moalem

“GREEN GOLD” by Hadas Moalem


Clusters of heart-shaped weeds
dot the sides of the freshly wet  trail

Each heart or almost heart
laid out on dark soil like gold jewelry
against black velvet
the necklace chain names also borrowed
from nature: wheat, snake, fish spine

If they could remain green once picked I’d
hang the weeds around my neck
exchange them in wedding vows
wrap them around my sister’s wrist
sell them at farmer’s markets.

What if instead of gold mining
it was weeds we sought?
Looking around the trail
we’d never want for more.

Hadas lives in the Bay Area. She prefers clouds over sun, chocolate over vanilla, swimming over any form of exercise. She aims to capture the subtleties; always turning around to see what is behind the spectacle. She would not be here, pursuing this world of words, without writers/poets Julia Cameron, Teddy Macker, Charles Bukowski, and Kim Addonizio.

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