Issue One June 2016

Issue One June 2016

Table of Contents – “the green issue”

Andrew Chmielowiec – “green”, “untitled”

Jason Bates – “Every Morning I Pass the Same Tree”

James Bell – “Hull Window”, “@sheep”

Elliot Dresden – “Entropy”, “Dive Bar”

Abigail Van Kirk – “The Mountain Explorer’s Haiku”, “Untitled #6”

Stanley Gemmell – “Fragment For a Girl (In Obsidian)”

Toby Penney – untitled art (2 pieces)

Anna Kennedy – “of the desert”, “mangoes”

Tucker French – “The Eighth Floor”

Michael Neal Morris – “pan-optics”, “Three short lake poems”

Hadas Moalem – “GREEN GOLD”

Andrea Martineau – “The Doctor”

Laura Thiessen – “Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously”

Michelle Sabado – untitled poetry (2 pieces)

Lakshmi Mitra – “crow”


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