“pan-optics” and “Three short lake poems” by Michael Morris

“pan-optics” and “Three short lake poems” by Michael Morris


eyes on a bridge sh/could
not travel away
from cars must one
through navigate

missing ferries unrivered full sailed

should i stop and
witness the still life
will i comprehend
the shades of green
or the movement of sky
from blue to white-grey

with subtext every[any]where
i essay the optics
of soul kindness

Three short lake poems


A frog trying to walk
on water gets further
slightly — a step? —
than I would have

But he might have been
chased by a snake.


Four ducks
too old to worry
ignore me
as I take a bench

A fifth walks through
the group
who hiss and work
their necks
until he settles.


Lord, what prayer
can I offer here
except thanks for the solitude,
the waking song of this pond,
and another day
without snakebites?

Michael Neal Morris has published short stories, poems, and essays in a number of print and online venues. He most recent books are naked and Recital Notes, Volume I. Collections of his work are listed at Smashwords and Amazon. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M in Commerce).  He lives with his family just outside the Dallas area, and teaches at Eastfield College.

Monk Notes: http://mnmwrite.blogspot.com
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