“The Eighth Floor” by Tucker French

“The Eighth Floor” by Tucker French

The Eighth Floor

      There was a time in his life where everything appeared bright. With each passing day, that unappreciated clarity was swallowed slowly but surely by an encroaching darkness. The point where he could no longer see crept up on his heavy head, despite the signs being clear as day. A dangerous, dreary disinterest devoured all moments of pleasure. He would instead lose himself out of the lone window on the eighth floor where he was constantly surrounded by a crowd of consciousness. For a few brief bits of escapism, the boy could see the shimmer of the sun, but those rays were consumed as quick as they reentered his life.

      “How are you feeling today?” the Question Master would ask.

      “I wouldn’t say that I feel much of anything,” the boy would pause to stare at the potted orchid listening to the routine. He decided to leave the conversation at that crossing.

      “Have you had any more of those thoughts?” the Question Master crossed her legs and adjusted her skirt.

      The boy ran his right hand through his brown curls and focused on the pink petals that looked out the window. I’m sure that my room has a better view, he thought. He smiled at the idea.

      The Question Master coughed, “Is everything alright?”

      He returned his view to her olive face, “I lost myself on the highway…I prayed for a deer to sprint across the road. When that didn’t happen, I wished to lose control.”


      “Why not?”

Tucker French is in his early 20’s and currently resides in Maryland. Ever since he can remember he has been a fan of sci-fi books and movies.

During his childhood, he had a very active imagination and would often daydream about these types of adventures. It was always a dream of his to write a science fiction book that would inspire the imaginations of the readers, much like what these books did for him as a child. Every time he opened one of these books, he remembered being able to put the present aside, while simultaneously entering a new world where anything was possible. It is an amazing thing to experience, and he hopes to be able to share it with new readers of all ages in the future.

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