“A Tree Once Grew Right Through My House” by A. Siegelster

“A Tree Once Grew Right Through My House” by A. Siegelster

A Tree Once Grew Right Through My House

A tree once grew right through my house,
A great thing it was in the middle there,
Through my room it shot straight up,
Its bare branches hanging low.

It was a wide-girthed creature,
Too big for my little arms to hug,
Though I loved it dearly where it stood,
Filling my large, wond’ring eyes.

Beneath this tree I placed my bed,
Its presence a calm and safe one,
Quite suitable for sleeping under
If you’re little and alone.

Upon its lower branches I hung faerie lights
To give it another air of magic,
And I felt like magic too,
In my large room under this large tree,
I felt like a faerie myself.

I am a student pursuing a degree in Classical studies with a focus in Latin and Greek language and literature. I have been writing for a long time, improving my technique, and trying to find a niche for my voice. My poetry ranges from the fantastic to the dark to the real. My work has been featured on SpillWords (spillwords.com), and my other works can be found on asiegelster.webs.com and patreon.com/asiegelster.

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