Issue Two October 2016

Issue Two October 2016

Table of Contents – “the journey issue”

J. Andrew Martinez – “Velleity”

e. a. toles – “lackluster jargon”

A. Siegelster – “A Tree Once Grew Right Through My House”

Nicole Moon – “Universe”

Massimo Stirneri – untitled poem

Barton Smock – “circa (ii)”, “circa (iii)”

Amelia Kester – “You’d Think I Was Boy Crazy”, “The Inside of my Mouth is Covered in Sores”

Ana Prundaru – untitled art

tom reed – “old wood”

Maria Atallah – untitled poem

Hunter Redding – “Run from Demons”

Michael Neal Morris – “The Train”

Andrew Taylor – “Bunk”, “There are other Islands”

Thomas Waxwood – “You and I Stood Facing Each Other, at Some Distance”

Archita Mittra – “when your brother dies in a riot”


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