“Universe” by Nicole Moon

“Universe” by Nicole Moon

U·ni·verse (n.)

i. They say the universe first became thirteen billion years ago when everything the cosmos came to be, collided with itself. Long before my bones married your bones, you and I, we used to be nothing more than lost atoms, looking for a place to call home. Between us, the first time our paths crossed was long before the ribcage of my skeleton became the prison of my heart and before your teeth sunk into my skin. We danced together long before we were embodied beings and long before I could fathom upon abstract concepts, let alone feel them. You and I, we collided long before the stars fit perfectly in the night sky.

ii. From nothing it became everything. In nothingness there is something. There is no worry, only an eerily silent calamity. But there too is beauty in destruction. There is an emptiness that lingers within nothing, an emptiness that is mistaken for awkwardness and discomfort.

iii. It is forever expanding. The universe is in a constant state of being. Ancient stars are dying and in their former places, new stars have begun to emerge. Maybe I will never take true form. Instead, I will find resolve in constant evolution.

Nicole Moon is a hoarder of quaint words and other intimate oddities with odd histories. When she’s not writing her heart out or sleeping away the day (or hoarding things she’ll never put to use,) she’s probably daydreaming of longboarding down empty Icelandic roads or living a nomadic life out the back of an old red van.

You can read more of her work (and occasional posts about her boring life) over on her website 1995june.tumblr.com.

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