untitled poem by Massimo Stirneri

untitled poem by Massimo Stirneri

to carry on
toward                             the young
                                   to come to the aid
        inscriptions  as trophies


  his own King                 from his father's abidcation

3.             second son of                                 second wife

4.                                                     when young.
5.  He was the greatest  Unfortunately

6.                         unable to complete many plans, due to internal

Massimo Stirneri is Italian. He spends time writing and playing with visual arts. His works have appeared in online publications including Otoliths, Tip of the Knife, and limited edition chapbooks. Part of the work can be seen in his blog restlessmuseum.tumblr.com. Currently he has programmed a writing crisis that will last 10 years and he’s becoming very prolific.

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