“1.” and “2. Reflection in Requiem” by Elliot Dresden

“1.” and “2. Reflection in Requiem” by Elliot Dresden


What it means to her
I cannot say.
                    She knew him for a year
                   or two
                     maybe five
                                      or ten, but barely
a second could go by
    without that aching burn,
        I imagine, a blackening briar
battering its body cage
splintered—that wrenching
pain of nothing made wretched nothing
     from something from whose something
           she came to be.

2. Reflection in Requiem

Weight is a flood in a mirror
born in the gloss of the gazes that graze us.

Like the shift of a stream, the image takes

itself away the instant it becomes
becoming again, again, each ripple

your boat will make a martyred self.

Elliot Dresden is a psychology student from California. He writes to explore his experience of existence, which is often informed by Existential, Nihilist, and Buddhist philosophy. His work often layers philosophic and physical concepts and applies them to human subjectivity.

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