“Bone-Snapper” and “Autumn” by Alix Bosley

“Bone-Snapper” and “Autumn” by Alix Bosley


My love, I am a vorant beast—

a gnash of clever, tiny, raucous teeth

that rip the skin and grate the soul

and snap such tenuous, little bones

as make up arms to cling and hold.

The marrow and the hollowed core—

I’m always, always wanting more.


The waning moon lights

upon the weald whose

ramiferous sinew twists,

gold-bristled, not yet bare,

but leaving bones exposed,

welcomes winter with open arms.

Alix Bosley writes poems about midnight, bones, and the anxious sinking feeling that she sometimes gets in her chest. She is in her mid-twenties and lives in southern Louisiana with her husband and their small, exuberant human. 

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