“Not Quite Sunrise” by Finn Padden

“Not Quite Sunrise” by Finn Padden

Not Quite Sunrise

I try to make the world smaller whenever I need

the space. Look, all the way

down there, do you see it all? All of everything.

Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it lonely?


“Love is a choice” she said, a few minutes before

the shouting began, as the sun

eavesdropped from behind the horizon, waiting

for the real fire to ignite upstairs.


We were unprepared and unpresentable when

we heard the voice from

above, the one that wasn’t God but could have

been. The voice that, if it were,


would have taught me once again the fear I

forgot in my teenage years.

If that voice were God then perhaps the sun

wouldn’t have leant in closer


as the far removed talk of choices found its way

into my mouth. This is not my

world. This is not my distance. If the sun wanted

so desperately to be here


could I not take its place in the sky? Where there

are no talks on porches

between the gowned and the blanketed, where

there is no spilt wine,


where I could sit behind the horizon until the

slamming of doors faded away,

until the day of judgement was over and like the

God who I abandoned


I could rise my head above the clouds and usher

in a new day.

My name is Finn Padden and I’m a 21 year-old final-year student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I have been writing poetry as a hobby, uploading my work to shouldertappingpoetry.tumblr.com, since I was 17 years old. I am a very passionate cat-person.

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