untitled poems by Massimo Stirneri

untitled poems by Massimo Stirneri

really a misunderstood failure, flourishing

considered in that light a raving struggle

for tiny pieces of land in the vast well

around the room fallow rake the talents

today refers to biased reflections about

the saint or the martyr white crystalline

clock ticking it measures the words

spoken by the character

resonated the same

young both

nude beginner

lets down rear views

her insight has been sold

your noise level is fictional


Massimo Stirneri is Italian. He spends time writing and playing with visual arts. His works have appeared in online publications including Otoliths, Tip of the Knife, and limited edition chapbooks. Part of the work can be seen in his blog restlessmuseum.tumblr.com. Currently he has programmed a writing crisis that will last 10 years and he’s becoming very prolific.

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