“girls as idols”, “self as wolf” by d.v.l.

“girls as idols”, “self as wolf” by d.v.l.

girls as idols

holy holy holy
and the lord’s name is again taken in vain
bitten out into cold frost air /
the daughters of the sons of god
sneak out of their houses to play
hide-and-seek / with their tongues
in each other’s mouths.

holy holy holy
and they climb the tree of life /
to shotgun smoke at the tip-top /
where they have the best view of the stars
(lord our god, ruler of the universe, tell me,
why do i fear the thunder?)

holy holy holy
and the girl is god now /
her blessed mouth spilling forth
all the damned verses /
“praised are you, lord our god” /
they chant / but they’re talking to her

holy holy holy
and they’re sitting on the roof /
blowing laughter into the wind /
all the world is at their fingertips
and the only thing to do is
pray / (it’s 6:13 and they kneel
side-by-side, feet and souls pressed

self as wolf

i. tell me about the scarlet beast inside your chest / with the matted fur and bloody teeth

ii. tell me about the hunt / the chase, the capture / tell me how you run across freeways like skipping stones / and fall flying from rooftops

iii. tell me about the kill / about the taste of iron on your tongue / the wild eyes / tell me how you crumble / with the need for more

d.v.l. spends her free time obsessing over words and those obscure emotions that don’t quite have names. she often finds herself writing poetry on her homework, and has gotten some very nice feedback from her biology professor.

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