“gnomon”, “siege” by Anna Kennedy

“gnomon”, “siege” by Anna Kennedy


the meridian swings faster, here,
in the mean time
the scope of light and dark carves in nervous oscillations
first one way, then the next,
seasons beating down,
in quickening twilight
or pacing out along the yardarm
of an endless dawn,
and I hang between the hemispheres
pressed against the pulsing of the year,
seek its heartbeat


the long bare silhouettes of trees
in morning, and the heat wavering
sun-cut and clean grey
as the sailed wings of great herons
swept among the grass

I am an amateur poet and recent graduate, who moved from Sydney to London for the weather and the wildlife, writing poetry and non-fiction pieces for university magazines, the Fauna Quarterly and the ARNA Journal, as well as on tumblr.

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