“kenosis”, “Between” by Michael Neal Morris

“kenosis”, “Between” by Michael Neal Morris



late before the sun
over cast iron
oh God i can’t
intellectualize you
but breath
(so shallow now mine)
seems two grasps
beyond unpink lungs



asbestos colored salmon
electric morning begins
powered by white mice



taillights leave trails
red fading swishes
like lipstick on a muffler



dull cursing cataract



remember when you saved
lake walking peter
now about those of us
who got tossed in



now mutes & atheists
speaking in tongues



eraser scuffed sky
horns lullaby the sun
platonic particles
autumn delayed



i missed my calling
but is time a relative
slurring paranoia



teach me to not give
a fuck about being fucked
teach me how to give
when i am empty



until no matter matters
until memory is forgotten
until atmosphere has lost vastness
resurrect breath and fill


In the north a block of dark
clouds sit leaning like buildings
waiting to crumble. I park
and watch the sun’s lingering
between treetops and pock-marked
earth. Behind me grey machines
buzz and wheeze. Men moan and work.

Soon night is full. Alone I
listen to jazz from a small
box. A singer heaves a sigh
against losses that are all
too familiar now. We cry
through smiles and stay till last call.
Then sleep. Or at least I try.

Michael Neal Morris has published short stories, poems, and essays in a number of print and online venues. He most recent books are naked and Recital Notes, Volume I. Collections of his work are listed at Smashwords and Amazon. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M in Commerce).  He lives with his family just outside the Dallas area, and teaches at Eastfield College.

Monk Notes: http://mnmwrite.blogspot.com
Walking It Off: http://mnmwalking.blogspot.com
This Blue Monk: http://bluemonkwrites.tumblr.com

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