“Towards/Away”, “Jerusalem I” by Joel Dietz

“Towards/Away”, “Jerusalem I” by Joel Dietz


Towards : Intense and radical commitment to truth-telling and truth tellers
Away : Exaggeration, marketing speak, ill-considered words

Towards : Commitment to engagements that are based on energetic reciprocity.
Away : Vampirism or extractive mindsets.

Towards : Radical honesty and reciprocity between sexes
Away : Inherited templates or “battle” mentality

Towards : Beautiful objects with elegance and fine craftsmanship
Away : Fake things, things made to break, stuff with shiny exterior but no substance.

: Exaltation of the human form in its highest manifestation, c.f. Michelangelo
Away : clothes, trappings, weight, tension, knots.

Towards : Abundant systems integrated with robust ecosystems
Away : Begging, stealing, hand-to-mouth, puff of smoke.

Towards : Cultivation of ecstatic states of raised energy channelled into focused goals .
Away : angst, paranoia, complaining, in-action, dissipation, sloth, grinding, wankery.

Towards : full integration of heart, body, mind, soul, feet, genitals, belly, fingers, eyes, etc.
Away : exclusive focus on one part, lack of integration.

Towards : Adulthood, seeing in full.
Away : Childhood, seeing as though in a mirror.

Jerusalem I
To Yehuda Amichai

Other is form and formless.
I am wearing a hat.
I walk down Rabbi Kook street carrying a bed.

I was alone between her legs.
Alone alone
with the Almighty,
ever obedient.

Desire desire.
A choke hold.
A broken hand.

I believed. And was broken.
I do not believe and now I see
the brokenness,
the sea, the surroundings, the foam.

Who is this god
who hangs from a tree?
Whole god-like race
pursues its end.
A species which returns to dust
a prayer
a refrain

Joel Dietz’s poetic journey started at a young age as he contemplated the winds and the trees. The winds blew him to many different countries as he took on his study of ancient civilizations and esoteric civilizations. In the end it blew him to California where he setup an arts center that combines his interests in the visual arts, music, poetry, and innovative new technology.

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