untitled poem by Stephanie Williams

untitled poem by Stephanie Williams


you wrap your tangerine mouth
around me like a wicked
torch – screeching named
this unreality, that threatens,
fiercely by the hour

anticlimactic shrouds brood
thin slang as though they
feel each tender slit, famished,
wordless stillbirths that exist
merely to tease me, all in pain

her Underworld once soothed
this artful blood of mine
slacken tears that fall, whilst
we breed order, more than a song
or plastic charade

candles leave their incense,
chanting, by this morbid
sting of mine, while you gaze with
naught but pure longing into
me, a flawed performer

favorable legions cleanse me
of this cruel world’s cyst
stuttering foolish, gravely more
than what lies beyond her.

Stephanie is a writer from Delaware who has a strong passion for the human condition, philosophy, knowledge, and spirituality. Her writing aims to intersect the schisms between light and dark, and to reconcile the dichotomy between transcendent and immanent realms of reality. Her main work includes a poetry collection with eLectio, and she has also been featured in some poetry magazines such as White Ash and Convergence. She hopes to one day fulfill her dream of being both an evangelist and teacher of writing. Her favorite color is scarlet and her favorite subject of interest is anything magical or fairy.

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