“Bloom” by Nicole Marie Mancuso

“Bloom” by Nicole Marie Mancuso


you have sadness
living in places
sadness shouldn’t live
rupi kaur


you are twenty-eight
and slack-mouthed.

your hair grays like
storm clouds rolling in

slow, sudden

and everything is
beaten into shadow.

you flail like a flower
in early spring that
reaches for warmth

and there is sadness
living in the two fine lines
between your eyebrows.

your father placed it there
when you flailed like an entire
field of lilacs, passionately and
with meaning and

he didn’t even look at you.

you, with so much passion, too much
for him to hold in his hardened hands
like a weed that cracks the sidewalk.

Nicole Marie Mancuso is a graduate of Rowan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing Arts. She is Contest Coordinator for non-profit literary magazine Philadelphia Stories and maintains a personal blog that focuses primarily on poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in Apiary Magazine and has earned her an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train Magazine.

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