“Folded Bird” by Barbara Buckman Strasko

“Folded Bird” by Barbara Buckman Strasko

Folded Bird

The quiet

in late


             enters our ears

                    broken only by the sound of geese

so familiar

             by now they sound like a kind of silence.


It’s the sound of wings moving

            so near by, we hear the

rough wind under them.


I think of all of the remaining questions

I have about myself.


My son recognizes my insecurities,

  because he also has them.


                       He believes it’s in our blood, as if

we are recovering from some

            ancient loss,

I tell him

we need to sing our way out of it,


 lift from the earth with the wings

                   we can only imagine,

            having heard

so many times the sound

          of rising─


Barbara Buckman Strasko was the first Poet Laureate of Lancaster County. She is the 2009 River of Words Teacher of the Year and is the Poet in the Schools in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her poems have appeared in: Best New Poets, Rhino, Nimrod, Brilliant Corners, Ninth Letter and Poet Lore. Her book of poems, Graffiti in Braille was published in 2012.

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