“hubris babble” by Kelly Neal with art by Donna Neal

“hubris babble” by Kelly Neal with art by Donna Neal

hubris babble


“You built your tower strong and tall
Can’t you see it’s got to fall some day”

                             –Townes Van Zandt


Lightning’s flash and crack
against stone portends a fall.
Atop a promontory crag,
I’m lost in my storm surge;
the sea waves clash about me
like arabesques of smoke
rising above a funereal pyre:


my pyre—so even amidst my destruction
I cling like drowning sailors to my hubris
in hope I can save something of myself

Kelly Neal lives, teaches, and writes in central Texas. He received degrees in literature from the University of Texas, and the Bread Loaf School of English. After 25 years of only sharing his poetry with a small sampling of friends, he recently had poems published by The Axe Factory, A Literation, roguepoetry review 2015, figrootpress, and Viewfinder Literary Magazine. Kelly is currently finishing a project based upon the tarot, “Arcana,” with his sister Donna Neal, a digital artist and painter. Find more of his poems at www.layeredwords.blogspot.com.

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