“Sabbatical” by Jalayna Walton

“Sabbatical” by Jalayna Walton


doing the same things
thinking something will change

doing the work
dumping out expectations
that never rise
full and hot
keep rubbing oil
where it hurts
keep drinking vinegar
waiting to be cleansed

no more allowing live things down there
living from somewhere else.

Jalayna Walton has a BA in Literature from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She was the
winner of the 2014 Eddy Mabry Diversity Award for her essay “God is Not a White Man”. She currently serves as a Community Engagement Specialist (Americorp) for Habitat for Humanity-SKC. She hails from Ferguson, MO but currently lives in the Seattle, WA area. For more information, check out her website www.JalaynaWalton.com.

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