“Seadew” by Finn Padden

“Seadew” by Finn Padden


When you hear that voice you should tell yourself
it’s an angel talking, because if you want so

badly to heed its advice then divinity matters less
than your desire to take what is being offered.

Go. Hit the road in a stolen car. Ask your cut
brakes to lead you not into the temptation of

wedding invites and baby photos. Pray to this
brick you placed on the rightmost pedal, that it will

deliver you from hesitation and from the nothing
you’re leaving in the rear-view mirror you so

desperately try to prevent your eyes from
wandering towards. Find a promised land in

the arms of your passenger, with his hand resting
outside the window feeling this same breeze

that wrapped gold so finely around both of your ring
fingers. With his other hand resting on your knee,

in his way which may well be loving and delicate
but can feel for any tremors of doubt regardless.

I hope you drive fast enough and far enough away
that none of us can ever catch you, I do,

because if by now you’ve not gone so far as to
hide all of this under the horizon, the sight of wide

open arms in the distance might just be enough to
crystallise you into stillness once more.

Finn Padden is 21 years old. He lives in Cardiff, posts poetry to shouldertappingpoetry.tumblr.com and is writing this in third person to appear professional.

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