“The Concerns That Concern You” by Connolly Ryan

“The Concerns That Concern You” by Connolly Ryan

The Concerns That Concern You

It is probably a good idea to map out all the shady areas
as well as the radiant ones if you are serious about love.

For these are the concerns that concern you or that
can corner you if you are too or not careful enough.

Mason jars wobble and clack in the larder of your warm
home, filled with hyena-urine of some other endangered elixir.

The whitening of the sky and the tightening in your throat
are definitely corollaries though it is not clear as to how.

A well-placed psychologically incendiary parcel
can induce some juicy tremors in a one-man flinch-mob

such as your erstwhile swain and the hackneyed stallion
astride which he galloped into your aster-wristed life.

I guess what I’m attempting to articulate are the particulars
of a perfect moment in which anatomy and autonomy recede

and all you and I are left with are the scintillas, parasols, rhombuses
and other kaleidoscopic tchotchkes we shed when we meld.

Connolly Ryan was born in Greenwich Village, New York. He is currently a professor of literature at University of Massachusetts. His visceral/surreal and knife-witty poetry has been published in various journals including Bateau, Weber The Contemporary West, Ditch, Umbrella, Citron, Harvard Review, Satire, Gravel, Scythe, Slope, Meat For Tea, Pannax Index, Satire and Old Crow. He is a recent recipient of a five hundred dollar poetry prize offered by Weber, The Cotemporary West. He is also a multiple Pushcart nominee. He has three finished Manuscripts: Fort Polio, The Uncle Becky Chronicles and What The Bagpipes Dragged In. He lives in Florence MA.

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