“Throve” by Alex Topalis

“Throve” by Alex Topalis



gentle does not spell
the crescent equinox of this simper
nor do thine own cerebral intentions
mark perfect acquiescence
do you bill me now
such a tundra or brittle plain
long beside the timer
want to feel outreach
by the doves that gather to cradle thee
weep softly in our  hungry hearts
and grow old at bay of the lesser
twas akine with freckles protruding
in deliverance
plus space-time
this to any-someone
but not just his jest
his laughter roars and burns at night
in the clouds dancing daylilies spread a flow of ox circular
once more i beg for inner abandonment
the air moons of his awakening
the bugs and bees prickle themselves to test
his embrace with chance
i will love wholeheartedly till he attunes our pulses up
up and up.


I am a Bulgarian born trans woman with Kurdish and Roma ties. I have a knack for languages especially the Swedish language which landed me in a very competitive internship as assistant intern to the president of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce – New England in the heart of Boston. I am now 20 years old and a college drop out and a former Male model for Hasbro Toys. My focus in my poetry is the undeniable ruggedness of truth in deception in any kind of complex relationships and familial connection. blending both honesty and fatal attraction in the words of a troubled person. I explore topics on sexuality, non-binary fellowships, and social ineffectiveness in means of the victims potential for change. It is the spirit of the victim and ‘loner’ that I myself can authentically write to, to embody the limitations of the coldest winters in Alaska, and the presentment of individual tenderness. Bit by bit, my philosophy about poetry is let the mind lead where your heart beckons. trust that awakening for change and feast on the inevitable quench for life’s most authentic self. your life as harsh or as clean as you know it to be.

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