“Tidal Pool” by Patrick Bower

“Tidal Pool” by Patrick Bower

Tidal Pool

after “Grave” by Marianne Moore

Man, looking out the window
at the parking slab
poured into the gap between
brownstones, over what’s left of
an old home,

a gray swell
cresting over maple tree
roots, you cannot stand in the
middle of this place, where

asphalt like a sucking rip tide
never stops retreating over the

foundation’s outline,
exposing sand crabs in the surf,

a tidal pool of Greek revival
ornaments, where now a floodlight
blinks on      on as night         begins


Patrick Bower lives in New York City, where he writes copy for a living. His poems now or soon will appear in Wu Wei Fashion Mag, The Corner Club Press, 805 Lit, Sheila-Na-Gig, Lit.cat, Beautiful Losers, and New York Dreaming.

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