“Time Tacit” and “Winterer” by Rodney Nelson

“Time Tacit” and “Winterer” by Rodney Nelson



the March ending without a snow
and yet no breakup on the lake
or rush of bird in the yellow
and tan country around have made
time tacit

            the to-do of spring
would hurry you to revisit
that point of land you see up north
and worry you to journey on
but this quiet will belay you

will have you contented with here
until a chirring in the reeds
come blackbird day may set your feet
to the track of divination







whatever lived in chosen winter
would have needed a confine of heat
but a door out too
           the only way
to hunt up wood and food and drink and
in a bull-skin coat to repossess
the north by walking

wolves would have gone
and come again and seen no one more
than a fellow winterer in
           whatever plodded
over snow to
moon-dog light
                            and took meat to its den


Rodney Nelson’s poems began showing up in mainstream journals long ago, but he turned to fiction and did not get back to verse until the 2000s. See his page in the Poets & Writers directory. His recent chapbook and book titles include Cross Point Road, The Western Wide, Ahead of Evening, and Canyon. He worked as a copy editor in the American Southwest and now lives in the northern Great Plains.

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