“8” by Alex Kinney

“8” by Alex Kinney


Viscous black and indigo oil drenches the air and a warren of rabbits flee a meadow, secreting dark blood onto their coats. I chase a dense yellow light that paves a stream from the woods and enter a hole deep in the Earth. Still, my body lies waiting. I burrow into the cold and unfamiliar corpse and fall asleep. My hair parts into two antlers, tentacles, rabbit ears that dangle over your face. You swim, searching inside of me, but I do no stir. I want you to look and tell me what you find so I can try again to remember. Otherwise, I’ll fester inside myself and explode in a golden, ageless fire and reenter the meadow to join the other blood-covered rabbits who are me.

Alex Kinney is currently a sophomore pursuing a BFA at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He approaches writing in a similar way he does when creating his artwork: the process is very intuitive and fluid. He enjoys exploring abstract narrative and strong visual elements in his writing.

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