“Have I eaten” by Lauren Suchenski

“Have I eaten” by Lauren Suchenski

Have I eaten

Have I eaten anything
in the past 9 minutes
that was not air, water, pesticide or pain?
Have I swallowed any part of my body
and have I reached out towards the Sun
in ancient, aching praise
half as much
as she is owed?

Have I ever robbed myself of radioactive nutrition
and have I known deeply enough
what it is to be eaten, what it is to be plucked, what it is to be a
mouthful of something meaningful?

What self-deprecating honesty will be enough
to honor the stalk that serves me
that I am served
that I someday become

Lauren Suchenski is a fragment sentence-dependent, ellipsis-loving writer and lives somewhere where the trees change color. Her poetry has been published in over 40 magazines and her first chapbook “Full of Ears and Eyes Am I” is due out this year from Finishing Line Press. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and she loves to swim inside syllables. You can find more of her poetry at @lauren_suchenski on Instagram and @laurensuchenski on Twitter.

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