Issue Six October 2017

Issue Six October 2017

Table of Contents

Constance Schultz — “May 18, 1980,” “finding the storm”

Dennis Perry Clark — “Observing Party”

Lauren Suchenski — “Have I eaten”

Yuan Changming — “A Small Wish”

Anita Ngai — “Bed of Grass”

Travis Gouré — “abu”

Johanie Martinez-Cools — “The Swell of Underneath”

Alex Kinney — “8”

Susan Cronin — “from Portraits of Imaginary Poets”, “St. Medard (bad weather),” “Unasked Questions”

William Doreski — “Remembering Nerval,” “Principal Beauty”

Jim Zola — “Pascal the Parrot Passes”

Thomas Piekarski — “Bury Me Not,” “Orwellian”

Richard King Perkins II — “Darkless”

Robert Okaji — “Happy Circuitry”

Mare Leonard — “An American Landay Winter Lament”

Tobias Peterson — “Somnia,” “Survey Lesson,” “Gestures in Fall”

Rodney Nelson — “Time Tacit,” “Winterer”


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