“May 18, 1980” and “finding the storm” by Constance Schultz

“May 18, 1980” and “finding the storm” by Constance Schultz

May 18, 1980

the sand
my feet remember
hot burning
   in summer
until the
   mountain blew
and soft ash
that summer

the city nearly
   shut down
and we walked
in the ghost
town that was ours

my father
dusted the fruit tree
with a handkerchief on
his face
and our roof did not fall in it was not poison like we didn’t know was not the end of the world on a Sunday I didn’t go to church

finding the storm

finding the storm before it arrives on the top of cascade hill

cotton balls in the

the lake as slate
rolls rough arches
beneath a low thundercloud

voices carry
excitement at
the park

bending trees
once forgotten picnic tables
and a girl
running creating her own wind

the shallows ooze muddy
with shadows

and a light glorious paints the trees

Constance Schultz resides in the Pacific Northwest and cannot help writing about it. She lives with her daughter and Winston the dog. They like to read, write and run together. She also has a degree in Social Science.

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