“At the Movies with Narcissus” by Sage

“At the Movies with Narcissus” by Sage

At the Movies with Narcissus

These black-white wings
are pinned

to the table with a sandwich sword.
Apricot pits circle

a priestess blowing a trumpet to the sea.
No one answers.

Beneath a river there is an ancient boat.
Its motor clicks, then dies.

The puddle-boy says
This is something everyone feels at least once.

His face is soft-gold, tarnished
from all the hands

that have touched his skin and demanded
touch in return.

Puddle-boy, boy in the water
who loved himself

when no one else would, hear
the echo of your blessing:

no one answers you. The world
is a prayer that falls from desperate lips.

The saddest scene of any movie: the boy
unfolds into another boy.

Only so much of their puddle-bodies to go around.
No one answers

when all that’s left are paperwhites rooted
near the water.



Sage is a creative writing undergrad and Blue House fellow at Elms College. Their work appears/will appear in Glass, Ellis Review, Sooth Swarm, Stirring, The Penn Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and elsewhere. As a slam poet/spoken word artist, they often wander Massachusetts looking to throw down in the name of gender expression. They can be found on Twitter @sagescrittore.

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