“BORDERLAND” by Julie R. Dargis

“BORDERLAND” by Julie R. Dargis


Rosa was covered in dew. The dampness
Weighed heavily upon her. Like fog, it
Would lift. Above the crest, a patch of clouds
Gained ground as the moon rolled into the sun.
Suspended in twilight, Rosa rested
Quietly in a world without borders.
Between states of consciousness. Borderland.
Navigation required that she be her
Own witness. Rosa thought this apropos.
Nature still had much to teach her, she mused.
She rose into the coolness surrounding
Her, sparking an insatiable thirst.
As her roots dug deeply into the soil,
Glad for the breeze, she reached out to the light.



Julie R. Dargis spent many years working internationally, supporting refugees and local communities affected by war and natural disasters. Her first book, Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa (2013), is a collection of narrative essays and verse, highlighting the profound personal connections she experienced overseas. She is also author of White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky (2016), a book of poetry that includes “thought experiments” on elements of quantum physics and consciousness.

She is a graduate of St. Cloud State University and holds a master’s degree in education and human development from George Washington University. A member of the Association of Energy Psychology, the Consciousness Healing Initiative, and the Poetry Society of America, Dargis resides in Carlsbad, California, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in integral health at the California Institute for Human Science, a research facility dedicated to the mind-body connection.
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