Issue Seven December 2017

Issue Seven December 2017

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Erik Fuhrer — “[once there was a tree]”

Julie R. Dargis — “BORDERLAND”

Sarah Shields — “Two Festive Ladies” (art)

Sarah Dickenson Snyder — “The Bosphorus”

Laura Foley — “What Stillness”

Nina Murray — “For L.B.”

Sarah Shields — “Festive Lady” (art)

Elle Arra — “sate”

Jay Sheets — “A Match Can Become a Witch If a Child Makes It So”

Sarah Shields — “Dead girl in the garden with blackbirds” (art)

Christie B. Cochrell — “Spring Fever” & “Marriage”

Sarah Shields — “Gold bird in a cage of iron and jewels” (art)

E.B. Schnepp — “At the witching market” & “Bride-Body, Momento Mori”

Sneha Subramanian Kanta — “How my father prays” & “Colored Paper Clips”

Katherine Gaffney — “WOMAN IN WOMANHOOD”

Sarah Shields — “Double Mermaids” (art)

Thomas L. Winters — “Space Witch, Thief of Dreams”

David Morgan O’Connor — “MAMãO”

Sarah Shields — “Queen in a blooddress” (art)

Kimberly Casey — “Operating Room”

Eric Cline — “m(y)o(ceanic)s(elf)a(nd)i(ts)c(urrents)”

Sarah Shields — “Queen with blood-rose head” (art)

Sage — “At the Movies with Narcissus”

Beate Sigriddaughter — “Sartre by the River”

Ben Kline — “Sitting with Grandpa in 1983” & “@ 45 Years + 365.75 Days”



Featured artist Sarah Shields: 

Sarah is a writer, artist, and mother of two living in California. Her artwork has appeared in several places, including Gigantic Sequins, Lockjaw Magazine, Noble / Gas Qtrly, and Rogue Agent. She has also recently done cover work for two poetry collections: Dream-like Houses by Joyce Chong (Ghost City Press) and Stories to Read Aloud to Your Fetus by Alina Stefanescu (Finishing Line Press). More of her work and links to publications may be found here:












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