“Sitting with Grandpa in 1983” & “@ 45 Years + 365.75 Days” by Ben Kline

“Sitting with Grandpa in 1983” & “@ 45 Years + 365.75 Days” by Ben Kline

Sitting with Grandpa in 1983

may not be as interesting as recurrent daydreams
about Soviet nukes or a supernova obliterating

every subatomic speck of us, his seventy-two
years counted like tachyons, as if every element

won’t reconvene as the formerly impenetrable
density of nothing that burst into everything

I see from our hillside porch attached
to our trailer by broomsticks, tarp straps,

lake water blue shingles found roadside,
beside the nine-point buck splattered

into shiny pink inside-out chunks, as if
it had swallowed a bomb and not been

rendered an oversized Caravaggian de Kooning
by a rapid brush with an 18-wheeler headed

to the next town’s lone interchange, to fill
up or find company in restroom stalls decorated

might also be more interesting than every
time I refresh Grandpa’s glass jar of sweet tea

while he smiles from vacancy I do not understand
while talking astrophysics to fill the cool

October air between us as sunset’s beams
complete their journey, leaving us indigo.



@ 45 Years + 365.75 Days
(from “Favorites”)


On my last night alive
I might return to the farm,
might reclaim the last name
of my first lover, if I can find

his nom de rest stop scrawled on
one of my old tractor supply calendars
boxed in my parents’ basement,
Dad interrupting to remind me

he could use the space for firewood,
could burn the boxes if I prefer,
or I might eat an entire carton
of my favorite dark chocolate gelato

until I press against what seems
to be an astrophysically impossible
finite line drawn by numerology,
retraced by ghosts whispering

my future they cannot suture
from their beyond, because I end
same as the crows, hot buckshot
from a truck bed, pillaged

for my long primaries, all
the names tucked between
my secondaries and coverts,
burned in my last day alive.




Ben Kline lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he works in library management and tries to always remain a little bit country. His work is forthcoming or has appeared in Umbrella Factory Magazine, Lotus-easter Magazine, Animal Literary Magazine, Impossible Archetype, Kettle Blue Review, and many more.

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