Figroot Press is an indie press that publishes four issues a year. We publish visceral, gut-wrenching poetry, poems-in-translation, short prose, art, and photography, and we are always seeking to push the boundaries of convention and tradition. We want the writing and art that makes us feel something. We want the work that makes us pause and look at a tree differently, punch a wall, or that makes us want to curl up and hide for a while.

We feel that writing is the product of community at work — the process of writing and creating creates two selves: the writer & reader, the artist & viewer. The act of creating brings us closer to the larger community. We are exploring life and the human condition in all its forms.

We aim to expand our press to produce chapbooks and longer works as we continue to contribute to the community of creators. This press would not be possible without the love and support of our readers and contributors.

Stop and say hello, send comments, reflections & meditations to inquiries@figrootpress.com.