Giving birth in a lockdown: Here’s a handy guide

How to prepare giving birth in a lockdown

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has changed a lot of things. Since you can’t do things which you otherwise could, it might be possible that a lot of your plans would have been thrown a curveball. And that includes birthing plans for parents-to-be.

What if your due date was somewhere around this time? Or what if you are anxious about your and your unborn baby’s health during this time? What do you do if your partner falls ill? There might be a lot of panic-driven questions in your mind right now, therefore, it’s important to have a ‘giving birth in a lockdown’ plan ready.

Before you decide to welcome your lockdown baby, here is answering some of your questions:

First and foremost- Can your to-be-baby catch the virus?

This is a big (and naturally, worrisome) question every parent-to-be has in their mind right now. Pregnant women and senior citizens are placed in the high-risk category for coronavirus.

Ever since the pandemic spread out, there have been reports of little babies and newborns catching the virus. However, experts say that even if that happens, the odds are fairly low. Transmission of the virus from the mother to the child is unlikely. If either of the parents is found susceptible to coronavirus before the birth, the baby may be kept away from them for a while for their safety.

Take precautions and keep your doctors in the loop.

Ask your hospital/doctor about the change in policies

To attend to the crisis at large, many hospitals are temporarily halting other procedures or postponing appointments. If you have a pre-natal appointment before your due date approaches, do call in and check with the doctor first. Be in touch with your OB-GYN and clarify all of your doubts. It’s normal to be concerned and double-checking things at this point in time wouldn’t hurt. You should also have a birth plan ready and be prepared.

Take help from technology- and get learning

The internet can come of wonderful use right now. When you are in the last stretch of pregnancy, take the internet’s help to learn crucial details about what you would have to do in cases of emergencies or pick up additional skills. The point we are making is, be ready with a plan B. Think about how your smartphone could come in handy before, during or after the birth.

Since this is the time when visitations won’t really be allowed (and isn’t entirely safe), you can take help from video conferencing apps to connect with your loved ones. Some doctors are also offering virtual consultations so check in with that too.

Take more precautions than usual

Since pregnancy is a time when immunity is low, this means you will have to take utmost care possible, for the sake of your own and your baby’s health. Practice good hygiene, follow social distancing and avoid stepping out of the safe zone unless and until it is an emergency.

Stock up on essentials beforehand

Once you are in labour or bring in the baby into the house, you would need to have all the essentials needed for a baby. It is advised that you prioritize all of that and keep stock handy well in advance. Once you welcome your baby, pay attention to sanitization and avoid any kind of visitations for a while. Parents, we suggest you ‘use’ this extra time to bond with your new bundle of joy!

Remember, you are not alone

Truth be told, it certainly won’t be the birth any parent would have hoped or planned for.

It is very natural to stress or experience anxiety, worry about your health or the baby’s safety. Without giving into panic, talk to trusted medical professionals and reach out to your support group.

For parents who are doing it for the first time and mothers worried about doing it all alone, think about people in the older generations (your parents or grandmothers) who had to do it all alone. This can help you drive some needed strength and stay calm during the crisis.